I am Laura, you have landed on my website ALL EARS, maybe to learn how to navigate living with Auditory Processing Disorder. I learn, process, and hear differently, do you? Frustrated, are you? I was pushed into early retirement for being different, you too?  You may be different too. In defense of not being reasonable, the shove out was the best thing that ever happened to me! Did I write those words?

This website ALL EARS at apdscriber.com is a place to share encounters of living, working, and struggling with Adult Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and anything else that you are labeled.

I will share with you personalized content, insights, experiences, stories as well as resources, hopefully in a humorous way. I do hope you find this website useful, a pathway for all who share and survive the misunderstandings of adult learning disorders and doing things differently. It’s great not to be ordinary!

My Short Story (Mini-Me)

For 25 years, I worked as a medical sales representative for a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company, my dream job, and it was also my identity. For the first 20 years, I loved the job, and I had fun doing it. The last five years of that job was filled with anguish and torment. I lost time with my family and my sense of humor (which was the real tragedy) to intense stress while trying to meet the company’s unobtainable expectations. After a good fight, I retired. Now I want to help you feel you have others that “get it.” Let’s get started.

Laura Lee