Hello You!

I am Laura Lee, a retired medical sales representative, and founder of this website primarily for adults with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). I hope to help you navigate through the living and working with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) and other learning disorders that complicate our lives.

I love family and making humor and laughter a part of every day so, I will touch on this sensitive subject with a hint of humor. They couldn’t take that away from me!  I am a wife, proud mother of a postgraduate student, sister, daughter, and I live with APD and ADD. I have spent some of my retirement time on ancestry, unique crafts using reclaimed materials, zentangle art, and loving it!

My story can be found on the ALL EARS home page. Stay with me and let’s communicate, connect, and share experiences as it pertains to APD, ADD, anxiety, and depression in the workplace and home, unemployment, and working from home. For full disclosure, because writing is a suggested profession for adults with APD and I love it, I am now registered for this website through Wealth Affiliate, legit and more support and education than any other hosting company, free to trial, extras like Jaxxy keywords and so much more.

Laura Lee


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