APD can cause problems at home.

APD is not a disease, please refer to first post,Things Adults With Auditory Processing Disorder Do Differently, and it is not having hearing loss issues, what the ear gives the brain to process is distorted. APD can cause problems in relationships at home, being misheard or misunderstood can lead to arguments that might never have arisen otherwise. Amen on that!

Now add menopause! That’s a hormonal avalanche. For years I’ve found myself overreacting to the smallest of things—an inappropriate or insensitive tone of voice, a perceived slight from a family member or friend. I had expected some degree of increased emotions with menopause, but this was far beyond the realm of what I considered normal hormonal instability.

I, a postmenopausal women, have difficulty determining the hidden meaning of conversations, appreciating subtle aspects of humor, sarcasm, and exhibit other misperceptions related to what is meant. These are the ingredients for an argument or hurt feelings.

My husband felt I was reacting strangely, and I was frustrated too. Everything he said I misconstrued. My husband has always had a rather sardonic wit, I didn’t always appreciated his sense of humor, but I could ignore it.. Now, even more, I take everything literally and react emotionally to even the most innocuous of comments, and to understand the intent of others’ communications

I know my husband is emotionally exhausted, and feels he just can’t say anything right. He patronizes me and cuts me off abruptly too. In fact, he seems to be laughing or sneering at every time I set forth any opinion, from the color to paint the kitchen to just talking back and forth with the TV on. After all these years I still don’t think he understands how frustrated I get processing everything.

But if he wouldn’t always tell me stuff when I’m in the middle of focusing on something or with loud noises in the background, I might be able to hear him better. I should wear a sign “I am processing, when I get it, I’ll get back with you”.

I read APD may be a contributing factor to communication difficulties in the postmenopausal women.

I just wish I had one day where I could find my keys, purse, glasses, phone, all my lists, and get out the door on time without returning because I forgot something. JUST ONE DAY!

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Laura Lee

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