At 45, I was finally diagnosed with two learning disorders: Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) coexisting with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), concentration, distraction, and focus, also anxiety and depression but not hyperactivity. You mean, I am not slow, lazy or a rebel? Please go to ALL EARS to find posts on different subjects I’ve written. This article I overview quirks and attribute I connect to living with a learning disorder:

Persistence. An attribute to ADD is persistence (hyper-focus). When there is something I really do want to get done, I will stay at it for hours (ignoring all other appointments or the time of morning), days, weeks, and even months. When something come my way and I want it, I don’t let go. So, starting and finishing tasks is a challenge.

Procrastination. I will wait until the absolute last minute to do something, and then run around trying to complete it. School research papers were the worst, with preparing for test were always a last-minute panic. Emotional, being easily flustered and stressed out, irritable or short, often explosive, temper. I would get mad at the smallest things. Emotions are a part of learning disorders and I am very emotional.

Disorganization. My house and my car are so messy, cleaning is a distraction nightmare. have a poor audio memory, short term memory problems and I am always misplacing my keys, phone, lists and always in search of something before I can leave the house or come back into the house to attain an item, and trying to find things I have put away but can not remember where. Too often, I have brought Christmas gifts out weeks after the holiday because I forgot I had them or I could not find them. I wish I could have just one day when I can find my phone, keys, glasses, purse, not walk around the house trying to remember what item I am looking for. Really, just one day!

Forgetfulness and poor working memory. Also a huge problem because I try to remind myself to do important stuff and next thing, I am trying to remember what I wanted to remember, huh? Make lists! I can toggle on the internet from one page to another and forget in that milli-second what the word or thought I had searched. To make it worse, I would get distracted on the computer and end up with 20 or 30 apps or pages opened and can not remember what my intentions were to begin with.

Easily distracted. I have trouble prioritizing, starting and finishing tasks a I mentioned above. I am easily distracted in conversation and concentration, particularly if there are any noises or distractions in the background. I seriously hear “blah, blah, blah” until I focus back into the conversation or any other activity I was doing that requires concentration or focus. Huh is common and a constant in conversation between me and anyone else. Too often, I may never understand what was said or asked to me that I can process and how to answer. ADD coexist with another learning disorder and in my case it is Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) and is when the ears hears but the brain misinterprets what it hears.

TimManagement. Too many unfinished projects and too many setbacks from this past year?            *Do Less.                              *Know Less. You don’t       have to now everything     about everything.            *Care Less about what others want me to do.                                                             *Forget Less. Write down what to do, put reminders on your calendar, timer, or alarm clock as reminders of how much time you have committed to a task.                                                                                                                            *Regret Less.

Embrace the chaos! Chaos is a friend of mine. I accept chaos, I’m not sure it accepts me. Remember, out of chaos God made a world.

Learning Disorders does not have to hold you back. Once you know you have ADD or APD, work it. Blame the ADD/APD not yourself.


Laura Lee






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