About four months ago, when I first thought about signing up to become an Uber driver, it seems to be a reasonable job for one who wants to work part-time, and with Auditory Processing Disorder and the frustrations of it. 
I found being a rideshare driver offers flexible hours and to make money without an angry boss, Driving for Uber is a great part-time job with the flexibility to also work on my website. If I don’t want to work, I simply don’t work. Stories worth at least taking home to amuse my family comes from each day I drive. When I tell friends, I drive for Uber part-time, they ask “Is it worth it?” Well, yes, I believe so. I’m still deciding.

Interesting moments from riders that are rude to a special rider that was so exciting it made my heart pound. I love it when I turn on the Uber driver app and receive a rider request immediately. Often it is a short distance drive, but they usually give a good tip ($5.00) and a five-star rating.  I get tips every day but not every trip.


Some days, the rides come in nonstop, and so do the tips, It seems when I have a destination, like getting my oil changed, buying gas, picking up a few things at Target, or even getting in the fast-food drive-thru for a bite to eat, yep, that is when I get a rider request. I have gotten out of line twice at a chain food before making my food order, to pick up two separate rider requests.

The “ping” usually startles me because you only have 15 seconds to respond, and I love that I will have an opportunity to meet new people and have them like me, enjoy my conversation or have a laugh with me enough to leave a tip. Truly crazy huh?

 If I don’t have a destination or an errand to run, I usually gravitate to the airport. I get in a queue; I then feel committed to staying there until I get a rider request. The airport is my go-to or my office, of sorts. I learned more about driving from Uber drivers at the airport than I learned from Uber, the drivers at the airport share information.  I feel like I must check in once a week to see how the drivers are doing. I always learn something from them.


 During my downtime waiting on a rider request, I can work on my website (like now) ALL EARS, ADULT AUDITORY PROCESSING DISORDER; THINGS ADULTS WITH  APD DO DIFFERENTLY. I am well trained by using an excellent program, Wealthy Affiliate offers. It’s is a platform for setting up your own affiliate marketing step by step. I hope you check it out.


 I received a rider request while ending another rider, so l accepted it and thought how easy drop-off/pick up and only two minutes away. Well, the GPS took me to the pick-up spot not far from the drop-off but a very busy street with a lot of construction going on.  How it turned out, Cristi’s pick up was anything but easy, It’s busy, there are tons of traffic I’m sitting at the intended pickup spot, and there’s no Cristi insight. A car is honking at me. The cop directing traffic is glaring menacingly at me to move, as I’m blocking part of a lane.

Cristi, where are you? I have now been waiting for almost five minutes, and there is no rider. I waited another 10 seconds for good measure, and, sorry Cristi but I’m not waiting anymore. Time for me to cancel the ride, mark you as a no-show and charge her a cancellation fee. Sorry, but you have literally cost me money by not being ready. Making matters worse, I was never granted my $5 cancellation fee from the company, they claimed I didn’t wait the full five minutes, I didn’t have time to argue.


The next ride was Lyda, I accepted the rider request. It directed me to a government arsenal at a particular location. Well, what I didn’t know is I couldn’t get on the arsenal without prior registration and to get that was to travel to another gate.

I had not registered earlier but finally, I talked (begged) the soldier to allow me to pick up my rider. The delay obviously didn’t go well with the rider, it had started raining. I was lost and she was texting my direction based on government acronyms. she texts me but wouldn’t get off her phone for me to call her to get the location.

I finally pulled over a military police car (yes, the first time I’ve ever attempted that) and asked for his help. He escorted me to Lyda’s pick up destination, she was standing under a tree in the rain with her phone at the ear. She got in the car and I explained the obstacles I had to go through to get to her location. She got on her phone right away without saying a word, probably because she was so mad about my lateness and about the rain. I took her to her hotel for a drop-off.

We thrive for a rating of 5 stars and should keep a 4.85 rating. She gave me a 1-star rating! Really? That knocked my rating down to a 4.82. I was new enough to panic, called customer service to tell them what happened. They assured me I would not have my Uber app taken or canceled. It took many rides with 5 stars ratings to get my average back up and I still check after every ride to see what rating I got, almost as important to me as seeing if I got a tip. Whew!


 To be clear, I get frustrated often but the repetition has helped,  I still find it difficult to listen to my riders, think of my reply and listen to directions, just too much to process, with APD. It is a problem for me.

I usually go clueless on the conversation and focus on the directions, but if we are having a fun trip, most don’t notice, but it is exhausting.


The last story in this post was really exciting! I picked up a well-dressed, pretty young lady at the Westin. She gave me an address that was basically the “country”, between two towns and at least a forty-minute drive. I thought where is she going so dressed up and to an area that has few businesses? It was easy to carry on a conversation with her.

Unexpectedly and suddenly sirens, flashing lights, police, state troopers, and big black cars were speeding around me. I said “Wow, what is going on? Was I speeding?” She said “just follow them, they are going where I going. WHAT? Then it got exciting. She first checked out the security statue on her phone and said I can tell you that is Ivana Trump’s escort.
She is visiting a robotics company to apprise the introduction of a new program that provides training for employees displaced by robotics. She said she works for the Department of Justice and is to attend the visit of Ivana Trump at the robotics company. Well, that explains a lot! This was exciting!

I followed the train of cars with flashing lights, but not at the speed they were going. When we got there, the police motioned me to keep moving. I stopped, she pulled out her credentials and I was allowed the enter the premises to drop her off. The police or guard finally smiled when I said: “I’m with her”. we were there but, I had so many questions to ask her, I was intrigued by it all.

I waited in the area hoping to get riders returning, I did, her! So driving her back to the Westin, my interview began. Similar to the same questions that are asked of me…How? Why? What’s it like? and she seemed amused at my enthusiasm and always very polite.

I told her how exciting the drive was for me, she smiled and wished me well. I considered hanging around the Westin until she needed a ride to the airport back to Washington D.C. but I thought that would be too much like stalking. Besides, I probably had asked most of the questions she could answer. One of the better days driving for Uber, 5-stars and a big tip. Yeah, it can be worth it.

Have your best day,

Laura Lee





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