Recent Reality Of Living With Auditory Processing Disorder

My recent reality of living with Auditory Processing Disorder is an example of the continued confusion and frustration I experience on a daily basis, it never ends.

It occurred while driving with one of the rideshare companies, Uber. I chose to be a Uber driver because I have missed meeting people and this would meet a long time need I have had since retirement.

I experienced my first ride as a passenger with Uber during the first week of July while visiting Portland, Oregon, my daughter ordered the ride. I came home and signed up to be a driver and love it but also found frustrations with it. I only had two weeks as a driver in my home city with learning how the application works, I wasn’t seasoned nor trained very well, trained by trial and error mostly.

Weeks ago, my husband had a cerebral aneurysm rupture, was Med flight to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, TN over a 100 miles away and was in the hospital ICU for twelve days.

During “our” stay at the hospital, I used the time to step out of the hospital to adventure out into the city. I turned on the driver application and got notified as a driver to pick up a rider close to my vicinity, I accepted the drive. I am not familiar with Nashville but with the Uber  map apps, I felt I could find the locations of where to pick up and drop off the rider. Well, maybe not.

I completed several rides but found that I struggled with being a new driver, in a new city, a new car, and a new app, all of which I was not familiar. I knew better but thought I would push myself out of my comfort zone to do this, I did.

For one with Auditory Processing Disorder, this was just as disheartening as anything else I attempt.

First of all, I was not familiar enough with the Uber Driver app and was confused by it initially anyway. I did not have enough repetition of using it to be comfortable.

Secondly, I could not hear the directions for navigating to a riders pick up or drop off, and with APD I cannot remember sequences of directions without an auditory and visual trigger one step at a time. I could not figure out how to connect the iPhone with Bluetooth for the car stereo system to work consistently, I still haven’t but am continuing to try different suggestions.

Thirdly, it is difficult for me to hold a conversation, it is a distraction from navigation directions that are already difficult for me to hear and process, is a struggle to understand and to process enough of the conversation to make sense.

Listening is exhausting and also trying to hear and process the directions is draining.

I hear differently, particularly if there are background noises. Back at the hospital, the alarms for medical equipment, the television and voices from the hall made listening difficult. The nurse asked my husband “would you like more soup”? I heard “would you like to … Moore’s stoop”? That didn’t make sense, I was slow to process that she was asking him about soup. She said “time for you to get back in bed”, I heard “kind of like you are dead”. Not something I wanted to hear while my husband is in the hospital.

I continue taking the CBD oil  and still believe it is helpful for anxiety and sleep.

I am writing to validate what it is like to live with APD, past, and present. It is therapeutic to write and to describe my struggles with those who share the same struggles. All with the training from Wealthy Affiliates.

Please leave your questions or comments. I am looking forward to hearing your story.

Laura Lee